Royal Girl Baby Names

Royal Girl Baby Names – What to Name your Baby

Charlotte - Following her brother George's popularity, Charlotte steamrolls her way onto this Royal Girl Baby Names list. Charlotte is ...
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Newborn Baby Checklist UK – Download your Printable checklist here

A Newborn Baby Checklist is an essential when you are planning on what to buy for your Baby once it ...
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Mindfulness in Pregnancy - The Monkey Mind

Mindfulness in Pregnancy – Don’t let the Monkey Mind inside you react!

The Monkey Mind - now what is that and what does that have to do with Mindfulness in Pregnancy? Keep ...
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Royal Boy Baby Names

Royal Boy Baby Names – Baby Names 2017

Royal Boy Baby Names give a sense of grandeur to a newborn. Regardless of what you think of the royal's, ...
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Meditate to Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Pregnancy – How can it help?

Mindfulness, it can help in a great many ways. Mindfulness is more than mediation and is focused on being present ...
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Mindfulness - worry less?

Expecting a Baby – The Worries – A Dad’s Perspective

Expecting a Baby is a huge deal. When you find out you are going to be a Dad the feeling ...
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Ways to Save Money Fast - Change the way you eat

Saving for a Baby – 5 ways to save money fast!

Saving for a baby is difficult. But you can help get the process started by following these 5 ways to ...
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There will be lots of sleeping

First Trimester from the Dad’s perspective

The First Trimester is a period of intense joy and nervousness. If you are lucky you will not find out ...
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Unique Baby Names 2017 – What to Name your Baby!

When looking for a baby name you probably want one that is not ordinary but not too out there. Man ...
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Baby Bear – Cheryl & Liam create 2017’s most popular name.

Bear is an unusual Baby Name already creating traction in early 2017. It is going to be bigger following the ...
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Man to Father

Here at Man to Father, we aim to fill the void online regarding content aimed at Men who are becoming a Dad. We cover all age groups from expecting a baby all the way through to the teenage years. When I found out I was becoming a Dad I started look for resources aimed at Dads and did not find a huge amount. Especially in comparison to how much was out there for Mums. This is where Man to Father comes in.

Man to Father understands that when you are becoming a Dad you are still that same man you were before, but with new responsibilities. This is why we are going to talk about these new responsibilities to make your life easier. So, if you are struggling with your finances, if you need to find that awesome baby gadget or if you are just looking for general information then Man to Father has you covered.

In addition to this, our blog section follows our Owner, Daniel, on his personal journey in becoming a Dad and the thoughts he has on his way.

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