5 Baby Gadgets You Need! What Baby Gadgets would you recommend?

The Baby Gadgets List

Here are 5 Baby Gadgets You Need to make your life easier when your baby arrives. Just as a heads up, these all attract a large price tag with them as they are gadgets that are not necessary but make things easier or look awesome. However, when you are becoming a new dad or already have a new baby, these things are worth their weight in gold, which you will need a lot of to pay for these.

Baby Gadgets – Baby Brezza

baby brezza gadget
Baby Brezza milk machine – baby gadget


For all parents who will be looking to formula feed their baby is the Baby Brezza. I think of this as the tassimo machine for baby milk and that has to be a good thing. The Baby Brezza is more readily available in the US but it is available on numerous UK sites, including Amazon. It costs £200 and it is a hefty price especially if money is tight – check out how to save more money when expecting a babyThe £200 investment could be considered a lot of money but what the Baby Brezza provides in terms of convenience should massively outweigh the the price.

Baby Gadgets – Motorola Baby Monitor

Baby gadgets - Motorola Baby Monitor
Baby Gadgets, the Motorola baby monitor for your baby.


The Motorola Baby Monitor range is one that is revered across the world of baby gadgets. This particular model is only available at Mothercare in the UK. It features a 5″ LCD curved screen, real time connection, room temperature, lullaby player and has a portable parent unit that works up to 300 metres (that is for those who live in castles or who have their own islands).

Baby Gadgets – Nuna Leaf Rocker

Nuna Leaf Rocker and Toy Bar - Suited Collection: Nuna Leaf Rocker - Cinder:

Yes, this really is a baby gadget that you need. By no means a low priced edition, the Leaf Rocker comes in at a sizeable £200 or £160 for the cheaper edition that simply glides from right to left. Despite its high price tag you have to admit it looks sleek and modern in comparison to the typical baby bouncer in the marker. The Nuna Leaf Rocker is a baby gadget with elegance and a certain suave about it.

Baby Gadgets – Doona Car Seat Stroller

Buy Doona Grey Infant Storm Car Seat Stroller Car seats, Car seats, booster seats and travel accessories, Travel, Baby and nursery.:
Baby gadgets Doona Car Seat Stroller


This is my number one favourite pushchair/stroller out there. If you have not seen anything about this then hopefully I can enlighten you. The Doona collapses in mere seconds, with baby in seat and simply clicks into the isofix car seat base that you will need to buy. Although it has limited storage it makes up for that in ease and you can buy a smart looking bag that is gender neutral that simply clicks onto the handles. It could be a solid investment for your baby’s first year. The Doona Car Seat Stroller is one of the ultimate baby gadgets out there.

Baby Gadgets – Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine

Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine Audio Baby Monitor with Lightshow Projector:
Baby Gadgets – Motorola Smart Nursery Dream machine


The dream machine is another Motorola product that looks incredible priced at the £100 mark and makes the baby gadgets list. It has lullabies and built in soothing sounds, a two way communicator, it projects awesome images to help your baby/child sleep and works on your phone.


Baby Gadgets - Motorola Smart Nursery Dream machine
Baby Gadgets – Motorola Smart Nursery Dream machine


If you can afford this then this could be the projector for you. Motorola have a huge array of other smart baby products that you can sync or use individually.

Let us know what you would add to this list!

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