First Trimester from the Dad’s perspective

The First Trimester is a period of intense joy and nervousness. If you are lucky you will not find out your pregnant until halfway through the First Trimester. The First Trimester is categorised as between 1-12 weeks and after that your pregnancy will enter the Second Trimester.

Pregnancy - it goes fast
Pregnancy – it goes fast

The First Trimester is exciting as that is the time when you find out you are becoming a Dad. I would even go as far as to say you are a Dad from that moment, no matter what happens to that pregnancy. Becoming a Dad at this stage might sound odd to you, but think about it. Being a Dad is more than just looking after your baby when it arrives. It is about caring for your baby’s Mother, regardless of whether or not you are a couple. It is about supporting your baby’s Mother, emotionally, physically and from pulling your finger out. Being a Dad is about caring for your baby from the moment you know of its existence and that starts from when that pregnancy tests gives a positive reading.

Now, what does the First Trimester require of you Dads?

It requires a lot more work for you. Your partner is going to be feeling pretty bad unless she is fortunate. She will likely feel sick, be being sick, have feelings of nausea and be extremely tired. She may want to sleep for hours at a time during the day and no longer want to go out and do the things you would normally do. So, you need to accept this from the go.


There will be lots of sleeping
There will be lots of sleeping


Ways to help out here could be picking up more of the chores, doing the cooking and finding new things to do that do not require effort on your partners part. Read our article here on how to look after your pregnant partner.

More than this it will require your emotional support. As an expectant Dad, especially if this is the first time you have gone through this, it can come as a shock moment for you. However, just keep in mind that once the First Trimester passes your partner will start to feel her old self. She might start to ache in her back and feet but that will probably be from 20 weeks onwards. You just need to be there to support her for those early weeks and months when her body is rapidly changing. You need to marvel at her body – she is growing your child inside her. That still blows my mind away and keeps me focused on helping her.

I hope this insight into the First Trimester has helped you out. Let me know what you took from the First Trimester below.

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