How to take care of your pregnant wife?

How to take care of your pregnant wife

How to take care of your pregnant wife is probably one of those thoughts rattling through your mind. You may have only just found out she is pregnant or you may be substantially through the pregnancy but by following some of these suggestions will go a long way to keeping her happy. By the way, we here at Man to Father understand that you don’t need to be married to have a baby, so try these with your pregnant partner too!

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Cooking lets you take care of your pregnant wife. During pregnancy, women can completely go off certain foods and smells especially if their sense heighten like some mothers-to-be. Cooking a meal for your wife or partner allows them to avoid smelling or looking at any foods they might not like whilst at the same time giving them a chance to rest. Learn how to cook some fast and simple meals with pregnancy safe foods and this will make a huge difference.

How to take care of your pregnant wife - do the cooking
How to take care of your pregnant wife – do the cooking

By cooking and preparing food, you will soon learn what foods your wife/partner is enjoying and which cause her a variety of digestive issues. This shows you are paying attention to her needs which is never a bad thing.

This is even more appreciated if your wife/partner is the regular cook in the household. If you can’t cook, learn. I promise you it is not difficult to throw together some low cost healthy meals. Man to Father will be showcasing some easy-to-cook meals you can whip up on a budget so make sure you check those out in the near future.

Do the Food Shopping

How to take care of your pregnant wife can involve simple gestures such as simply going out and doing the food shopping. As mentioned above about cooking, foods can play havoc on Mums-to-be. By doing the shopping you avoid putting your pregnant wife or partner in a food situation that can make them feel sick and unwell. It also acts to give her a well deserved break.

How to take care of your pregnant wife - Do the shopping
How to take care of your pregnant wife – Do the shopping


Make sure you pick up foods that your wife/partner is craving. She might only like them for a day or two but when she is feeling uncomfortable they can really help to brighten her day. Remember, you need to ensure she is eating fairly healthy so don’t be afraid to challenge her if her diet is going down-hill. But, don’t be an arse about it and be sensitive to the discomfort she is likely to be in.

If you need anything else but your partner/wife does not feel up to going shopping, try to give her the experience by looking online together. No, it is not the same as visiting the shops but at least it is something you can do together especially if she is feeling tired and sick. You can then get it ordered to your home/work or wait, and visit the shops as soon as she feels up to it.

Do the Chores

How to take care of your pregnant wife - do the chores
How to take care of your pregnant wife – do the chores


Do not underestimate how tiring it can be for a mum-to-be to be tidying the house and doing the chores. Hopefully you already have a relationship where you share this burden equally between you. You could start by dusting and hoovering each room to make them smell nice and look great. Doing the washing up or any other activity that involves standing at a worktop will become troublesome as her belly gets bigger. So, get into practice early on and start doing more of these chores up-front because you are going to have to do more of them. Make sure your wife/partner is not doing any heavy lifting even when she early on in her pregnancy.

Bonus tip

Tell her her how incredible she looks. She won’t look like it for long and she is constantly changing so enjoy her being pregnant whilst you can.


What other things do you do to care for your pregnant wife or partner?


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