Newborn Baby Checklist UK – Download your Printable checklist here

A Newborn Baby Checklist is an essential when you are planning on what to buy for your Baby once it is here. It is an expensive time. So you want to ensure that you re buying only what you need. This Newborn Baby Checklist that we will provide to you focuses on what we consider to be the main items you need.

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Make sure you print it off and use it when looking around the shops. It will help focus you on what you really need. You could also circulate this around family and friends to see if anyone fancies buying you it as a gift.

We have not added items such as formula or dummies to this Newborn Baby Checklist. Nor have we added maternity clothes or books that you and your partner may need. This list focuses on what the Baby will need.

How to use this list?

Newborn Baby Checklist
Newborn Baby Checklist

Man to Father suggests you print out this Newborn Baby Checklist. It would be a good idea to sit down and plan exactly how much each of these items will cost you. If you are unsure of what you want, make sure you get an estimate price in the price column. You can do this by going online and getting an idea of prices.

We collated a small list of awesome baby gadgets so check that out for some inspiration.

When I was looking at pushchairs I almost fainted at the price. They were between £100 and £1000. We even saw some that were higher. We have settled on one (I think) that is £450 that comes with an ISOFIX base and will last a few years. From that perspective the £450 seems good value. But, I was shocked by these prices. If we had not have looked in advance we may not have budgeted appropriately for this. Fortunately, our money is organised and we had started saving months ago for all of this stuff. Check out this article for help with doing this.

Let us know what other essentials you would add to this list in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading and good luck.

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