Royal Boy Baby Names – Baby Names 2017

Royal Boy Baby Names give a sense of grandeur to a newborn. Regardless of what you think of the royal’s, they tend to get their names on point. Below is a short list of both newer and older names that are sure to be a good choice. You can be the judge of that though.

Arthur –

Arthur is a solid choice. King Arthur was an old King of England whose round table sits in the old English capital of Winchester. Owner and possessor of the legendary sword Excalibur and best mates with Merlin the Wizard. How could you not chose this royal boy baby name?

Royal Boy Baby Names
Arthur – Royal Boy Baby Names

George –

Prince George is one of the newer additions to the royal family and a grand choice. Heir to the throne after his father, Prince William, George is a name that is not going away anytime soon. This may well be one of the more popular names on the list but take a leap of faith and go with it. George is a solid boys name that always seems to be present. Whilst we are here, William could be a solid choice too.

Royal Boy Baby Names
George – Royal Boy Baby Names

Edmund –

Edmund is a new trend name that pays tribute to the hipster lifestyle and gives of an air of uniqueness but also the ordinary. This name calls out to those who are creative and is taken from Edmund I, the Magnificent or Elder who ruled England in the 900’s. Yes you read that right. Naming your son Edmund gives you a variety of nicknames to shorten this name.

It is unlikely you will see too many kids named Edmund about. So this could be the perfect choice for you if you want something a little different but still quite safe at the same time.

Royal Boy Baby Names
Edmund – Royal Boy Baby Names

Xavier –

This is there for those who want their kid to be bold, bright and ambitious. Xavier is taken from the Roman Catholic Saint Francis Xavier who was alive in the 16th Century. This name is unique, ballsy and refreshingly original. I doubt your kid is going to be sat in English class in seven years time with five other Xavier’s around him. Go with this if you are feeling adventurous and want to encourage your kid to be ambitious in their life.

Royal Boy Baby Names
Xavier – Royal Boy Baby Names

Harry –

The classic name, taken from everyone’s favourite Prince Harry. Interestingly enough, Prince Harry’s real name is Prince Henry but they call him Harry. We are not quite sure why but they are royalty and they do what they will with their names.

Harry could also be the short version of Harold. However, it might be best to go with Harry which is one on our favourite Royal Boy Baby Names of 2017.

As a plus, Harry Potter is pretty cool too. So, you could also say you named him after a Wizard but we will leave that up to you.

Royal Boy Baby Names
Harry – Royal Boy Baby Names

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