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Charlotte –

Charlotte - Royal Girl Baby Names
Charlotte – Royal Girl Baby Names


Following her brother George’s popularity, Charlotte steamrolls her way onto this Royal Girl Baby Names list. Charlotte is one of those evergreen names that never goes out of favour and is truly fitting for a lot of children.

What does Charlotte Mean? Well, some say it is feminine and petite. We just say it sounds like a nice name for a girl. But, then again, us lads prefer things to be simpler when it comes to children.

Cool Fact – Charlotte is fourth in line to rule the throne after her brother, dad and granddad.

Elizabeth –

Elizabeth- Royal Girl Baby Names
Elizabeth- Royal Girl Baby Names


Taken from the UK’s incumbent Queen, Elizabeth II. A name that installs a sense of continuity and leadership, Elizabeth is a truly royal name.

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen since 1953 after the death of her father, George VI at a young age. King George VI ruled Britain during World War II and helped the country to victory. Queen Elizabeth is now 91 years of age and still happily ruling as Queen.

Elizabeth has many variations, from Lizzy, Beth, Liza and many more. It truly is a versatile name should you chose it.

Victoria –

Victoria - Royal Girl Baby Names
Victoria – Royal Girl Baby Names


Queen Victoria ruled the throne during – you guessed it, the Victorian Age of the UK. She also married her First Cousin which is something we would suggest that you avoid encouraging your daughter to do.

Beatrice –

Beatrice - Royal Girl Baby Names
Beatrice – Royal Girl Baby Names


Princess Beatrice is a cool gal, having promoted the fact she has dyslexia and wanting to use her position to help others. Where the name is still particularly unique, it is likely there won’t be too many Beatrice’s running around at school should you go with this name.

Isabella –



Isabella provides the perfect versatile name with so many combinations. This name has been used for Queens and Princesses across Europe for over 800 years! With variations such as Bella, Isa, Izzy, Bell and whatever other ones you can think of. This name rightly belongs in Man to Father’s Royal Girl Baby Names List. Mainly because if you have no idea what to call your daughter, this name gives you a whole raft of names. Plus, if your daughter hates it, she can just call herself one of these other variations.

Matilda –

Matilda - Royal Girl Baby Names
Matilda – Royal Girl Baby Names


Queen, or Empress Matilda dates back to the 1100s. It cannot be said she was really a true Queen as she was never formally crowned in England. However, she did take most of the South of England by force and seemed to be fairly ferocious.

If this is too much aggression for your daughter’s name go with he infamous Roald Dahl character. You know the one who could use telekinesis. Matilda used her power for good unlike Carrie.

Cleopatra –

Cleopatra - Royal Girl Baby Names
Cleopatra – Royal Girl Baby Names


Taken from the Queen of Egypt and her daughter of the same name. The two Cleopatra’s jointly ruled Egypt. Despite a grizzly end for one of them the name is empowering and that is something you should encourage for your daughter.

Ada –


Ada is one of those names that sounds awesome. After some digging it turns out Ada was royalty in Greece a million years ago. Palindrome names are some of my favourite so I had to make sure this one made it onto this list.

If you want your daughter to feel inspired, show her a profile of Ada Lovelace. One of the first people to start work on computing and programming in the 1800s. Her mind was beyond her time and she was a true innovator.

What names would you had to this list?

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