Statutory Paternity Leave – What you need to know

Dads to be across the UK will need to determine how long they will be off work after the birth of their baby. Statutory Paternity Leave (SPL) is an option that Dads may need to take if they do not receive any from their employer. A lot of employers will offer Paternity Leave for two weeks at full pay (or a slight reduction). However, for a lot of these to be effective you need to be working for that employer for 26 weeks prior to the 15 weeks before the due date (same for SPP). This is when you would need to inform your employer. So, if you know you are not provided any leave keep reading.


Statutory Paternity Leave
Statutory Paternity Leave – Make the most of it


Statutory Paternity Leave – What is it?

It is 1-2 weeks leave that is covered by the UK Government. You have to take it all in one lump and you get it for your individual week. So, if you have a 3 day working week that Statutory Paternity Leave counts a week as your 3 day working week. You don’t gain anything.

Mother’s are entitled to a larger amount of time for their own Maternity Leave. However, remember that many workplaces offer you Shared Parental Leave. But, if you are not entitled to Statutory Paternity Leave then it is unlikely that this will apply.

Statutory Paternity Leave - enjoy it
Statutory Paternity Leave – enjoy it

Statutory Paternity Leave – how much is the pay?

It isn’t necessarily good for most people. You either get 90% of your average weekly earnings or £140.98 whichever is lower. For most people that means just £140 which is likely to be a big difference between your usual pay. However, you can prepare by taking these steps to organise your money before the baby arrives.

If you do not receive any Statutory Paternity Leave from your employer then this is better than nothing. It is worth noting that the UK is poor in its offering of Paternity Leave from my perspective. It still compares favourably to a lot of other countries though.

Check out Iceland where Mother and Father are given 3 months each and a further 3 months to use how they wish. I wish the UK would be more open with this. It could easily start with employers being more generous with Paternity Leave. There is still the old school or traditional attitude that Mums should stay at home and Dads should provide. I think that is disgraceful. I think the system needs to better reflect Iceland’s model and allow the couples to choose how to take their 9 months.

Check out this super useful link from website –

Do your employers off you anything or is this your only option?



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