Unique Baby Names 2017 – What to Name your Baby!

When looking for a baby name you probably want one that is not ordinary but not too out there. Man to Father have compiled a short list for starters. This Unique Baby Names list will show you a safe option, an extremely bold option and some unique but reasonable suggestions.

Let us know if you like any of these names or any other Unique names that you can think of?

Here is a list of Unique Baby Names 2017. What would you chose?

The Names

Unique Baby Names 2017
A Safe but Unique choice.


Older fashioned but making a strong comeback. Lulu could be the perfect safe unique name to go with in 2017.

Unique Baby Names 2017
Unique Baby Names 2017 – fierce and bold.


Bold, strong, wild and completely out there. Would you be brave enough to go for a name like this? I mean, it is got to be better than Bear, right?


Unique Baby Names 2017
Unique Baby Names 2017 – explosive.


An awesome name for a boy or girl. Nova has the hint of space and an explosive force. It is a name that strikes boldness.


Unique Baby Names 2017
Unique Baby Names 2017 – omnipotent.


I get the explorer vibe from this name rather than that of a GOD. Some people might get the book though that shows off Earth. This is one of my favourite names and probably works as a unisex name. What you think?


Unique Baby Names 2017
Unique Baby Names 2017 – The Princess


A name after one of Nintendo’s most loved princesses. The perfect name for your daughter if you are a geek or a famous actor.

Unique Baby Names 2017 – Sunlight.


An interesting name that initially brings to mind the Northern Lights. It is also the word attributed to the dawn of the sun. Both meanings give Aurora the authority to make this Unique Baby Names list for 2017.

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