Saving for a Baby – 5 ways to save money fast!

Saving for a baby is difficult. But you can help get the process started by following these 5 ways to save money fast.


Change the way you eat. You might think this is crazy but it can make a huge difference. Think about it, if you are buying ready meals or take-away each night you could be spending a fortune. Ready meals are roughly £5 for two and a takeaway is at least £10. At the very least that is £140 for a months worth of meals without any other shopping just for two people.

Ways to Save Money Fast - Change the way you eat
Ways to Save Money Fast – Change the way you eat


Make a food plan. This too might sound strange but by planning your meals you can plan your shopping. Once you know what you need to buy to make all your food you won’t pick up things you don’t need. Well, you won’t if you follow the next step.


Make a shopping list. If you plan every single item you need to buy I guarantee it will save you a small fortune. I started doing this in January and our food shopping, including toiletries and cleaning and everything went from £280 a month to £150 (or less).


Change your supermarket. I went from Tesco to Aldi/Lidl and our weekly shop has gone from £60ish down to £35ish (or less) a week. The food is incredible still, and the fresh fruit and veg from Lidl tastes as good as our local farm shop. I promise you will save money if you follow the above.


Ways to Save Money Fast - Stop buying coffee!
Ways to Save Money Fast – Stop buying coffee!


Stop buying drinks at work. On average a coffee costs £2.50. Just one a day for 20 working days (which is a month of work) costs you £50. Two a day costs you £100. You get where I am going with this. Just take your own into work. You won’t look stupid and what is more important – buying coffee or saving for your baby? I will let you decide that.

Let me know if you have any tips to save money fast.

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